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cbt Coaching Sessions

Cognitive Behavioral Training sessions are directed toward learning and applying CBT skills to help detach from tinnitus, and direct attention where you want it. CBT skills provide steps you can take, throughout the day—and night—to take charge of tinnitus.

Most people can expect to learn the skills and begin noticing clear benefits within 2 to 10 sessions. Meetings are held weekly at first, then gradually scaled back as your confidence in handling tinnitus grows. 

Video Coaching

Meetings are held over the internet using the video platform Zoom (similar to Skype but more secure). Training material, including articles, worksheets, and guided audio, are shared via email. Internet Coaching Sessions are 45 minutes in length.

Office Visits

Dr. Hubbard is available for office visits at the Cognitive Health Group: 164 W 80th Street, New York, NY 10024. Office Visits are 45 minutes in length. For Office Visits, out-of-network Insurance benefits may apply. 

Schedule an Appointment
 or call 212.787.5564 

IMPORTANT: Tinnitus distress is not a psychological condition, and CBT coaching is not psychological treatment. Some people with tinnitus also have a treatable emotional disorder, like anxiety or depression. If this is the case, Dr. Hubbard may recommend you schedule an evaluation with a local health professional in addition to CBT coaching.


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