CBT for Musicians with Tinnitus


Having tinnitus is tough, but when your livelihood depends on crisp, clear hearing, it can be life-changing. Studies show that as many as 50% of musicians have tinnitus, often with additional hearing issues, like tone loss and sound sensitivity. 

Tinnitus can affect all aspects of music, from listening and enjoying, to recording and performing. Tinnitus sounds can interfere with the incoming acoustic signal, changing how music is heard. Some musical tones can even distort and cause pain. And there’s the continued concern over exposure to high volume.

Adapting to your new soundscape

Cognitive behavioral training (CBT) can be customized to address the unique needs of musicians with tinnitus. In addition to the standard program, special attention is given to mindfulness of musical sound. You’ll practice hearing sound in a neutral, objective manner, learn about your new soundscape, desensitize to stressful sounds, compensate for lost tones. You’ll practice redirecting attention, to listen past the tinnitus, to focus on the sound you need to do your job.

Now I actually forget about tinnitus for big chunks of the day. It’s still there in the background, but my mind tunes it out. A huge improvement from when the ringing and hissing left me in tears!
— Brian, Brooklyn, NY

Hearing Conservation and Enhancement

Proper hearing conservation and enhancement are essential for musicians with tinnitus. To provide effective options, Dr. Hubbard partners with Musicians Hearing Solutions, with locations in New York and Los Angeles. Under the expert direction of Dr. Julie Glick, have your hearing tested up to 20,000 Hz, to assess higher frequencies most people won't notice but musicians often use. Learn about cutting-edge sound technology, such as custom molded ear plugs, custom headphones, and in-ear monitors.

A musician himself, on finding his tinnitus and sound sensitivity were chronic, Dr. Hubbard put away his guitar, convinced he would never play again. But since adapting and habituating, he has gone on to enjoy his most productive years in music! Take back your music with CBT! Adapt, habituate, and listen with confidence!

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