Stressed by tinnitus? Well take heart! Studies show that the vast majority of people with tinnitus can get their lives back. Your brain can screen tinnitus out through a natural, neurological process called habituation. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) shows you how!

Training & Coaching to

  • Reduce tinnitus-related stress & Cope better now!

  • Sleep well with tinnitus

  • regain attention and focus

  • gain comfort in loud and quiet settings

  • resume a full life free of the burden of tinnitus!

Dr. Bruce Hubbard

Bruce Hubbard founded CBT for Tinnitus to help people apply principles and strategies of cognitive behavior therapy to handle tinnitus and related hearing issues (hyperacusis, tone loss, phonophobia, misophonia, sound sensitivity). 

Dr. Hubbard was an experienced clinical psychologist when in 2005 he developed severe tinnitus and hyperacusis (See Dr. Hubbard's Personal Tinnitus Story). After many months of struggle, he was encouraged to learn that cognitive behavior therapy, the therapeutic treatment for stress and trauma he'd practiced his entire career, was the most researched, clinically-proven treatment for tinnitus. But finding a qualified CBT for tinnitus expert proved impossible. Most cognitive behavior therapists have never heard of tinnitus. So armed with his expertise in CBT, and having read everything he could on tinnitus, Bruce guided himself through a successful course of treatment. Since then Dr. Hubbard has guided hundreds of others in applying cognitive behavior therapy to resume full, valued lives with tinnitus. Learn More About Dr Hubbard

I have my full life back and am able to enjoy my family and friends and work as much, or more, than I ever did!
— Tony, Washington, DC

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